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An Introduction

There are two basic types of projects that a web designer can have to work with at any given time... Client Projects and Personal Projects. What is the difference? Client Projects are there to meet certain requirements and needs to support an individual, organization or business in building an online presence. That usually includes specific instructions and guidelines to achieve the goal. However, in contrast, Personal Projects can be anything you imagine to post online; most of the time without any limitation or restrictions. This website falls into the latter.


the realm of network XXIII

The Rest of the Story

This story is one of those where the beginning starts in the middle. During a run in college there was a need to host website and movie projects online for all to see (especially the instructor). Hence the start of Higher Learning Studios in all its glory. Once that was established, a further need was to establish a brand for all other future endeavors. Along comes Network XXIII. The first site was called Network XXIII Online as it is the primary source for various services available to clients. Later on Network XXIII Photos was made available to host image galleries from various events. Eventually Network XXIII Central came into existence to further promote projects in a way that the other websites could not achieve on their own.

Of course every family has the odd on the bunch, which is where Ground Zero Test Site came into play. Also created during the college years, this site features website projects that were no longer needed, but still shows some of the different ideas available to future clients.

Last, but not least, is a site called Rehab and Valor. The name comes from combining the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and the Valor Games Midwest. Both organizations support and host various activities for Disabled Veterans. This particular website falls into both levels of being Personal Project while being treated as a Client Project that supports the specific organizations involved in the annual events.


current website projects

Its Good To Be Current

The keyword being "current" for this section. What does that mean? Any website that receives updates on a regular basis is more likely to bring visitors back to that site or maybe attract new visitors in the process. Updates can occur daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. Obviously the more information you have available, the more often the updates are needed.

Why do some clients provide updates more often than others? Simple... Time and money. In theory, if a website is not being updated, then it does not cost anything extra. However, if a client needs to update their content every month, then that client is usually paying someone for their time to update the website. Is it worth it? Of course, when the new content is updated, people look forward to seeing the new information and in turn go out to purchase that product or visit that establishment.


former website projects

The Former Glory

Where will you be in 5 years? Most business owners can expect to be around while their business grows. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, they may find themselves closing the doors for good. Of course not everything disappears the moment that is done. There is always some part of a business, especially the web presence, which lingers on. Gone, but not forgotten. Or sometimes the website just not updated in a long time one would think they are closed.

The other side to this scenario is that sometimes a client just does not take the effort to update their content like they should every once in a while. That awesome website that was built many years ago now become a relic of coding that is no longer used. Sure the website still works and has a lot of relative information. But the truth is that like any structure, it needs to be maintain both inside and out or else will fall apart.


the social medial section

Everyone Needs To Be Social

As a individual the choice to be on Social Media is a personal one. For the business owner, being on Social Media is another way of promoting the business. The hard part is trying to figure out how "Social" do you want to be.

Just like maintaining a website, any avenue you choose for being on Social Media needs to be updated on a regular basis. Even more so in this case because Social Media is essentially instant access to the clients or future patrons. However, do not make the mistake that Social Media is a substitute for owning a website. When someone types in a URL (domain name) it will bring them to a page that is all about you and what you have to offer. On the other hand, if someone tried to find you on Facebook, they can wind up with a dozen different people or businesses with the same or similar names and not sure if they get the right one. Being social is good. Just be sure its a compliment, not replacement, for having your own website.


disclaimer (the fun part)

No portion of this website can be copied without permission of the owner. We worked very hard in putting this site together for your viewing pleasure. Feel to use it as a reference for your own projects, however please keep the images/graphics/logos where they are out of respect for the designer. If you got questions about how something is done, then please use the Contact Form to drop us a line.

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