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There are many different styles/formats available. Here is a brief description for each level:
Business Card - Single Page - Good as a placeholder for a domain name or just getting started
Custom HTML/CSS - 4 to 8 Pages - Common choice for more content, easy to update, and unique appearance
Content Management System (CMS) - 10+ Pages - Good for content heavy websites with lots of updates

Depends on the client/website. Some websites only need to be updated a couple times a year. Other sites get updated a few times a month with new content or changes.

Costs can run from few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand of dollars. Depends on how large (number of pages) you want the site, time to design/develop the site, and how much content needs to be managed. If your website is built using a programing language for dynamic content, then the costs are much higher as there are usually more than one person building the website.

Yes, and No. Upgrading from a Business Card to a Custom HTML/CSS website is easy. Using a CMS format means starting from scratch because of the programming involved.

Absolutely! Some other programming languages include PHP, ASP, AJAX, JAVA, and PERL to name a few. There are also Flash or Animate based website that give a rich content environment to the visitors. Just note that not all web developers work with all languages or platforms.

For the Business Card or Custom HTML/CSS the object is to leave the updating the professionals. With the CMS style sites there is a backside for the client to log into to make changes, if desired.

There are many reasons for a client to own more than one domain. Those reasons can include branding or marketing strategies, copyright control to prevent someone else from buying a similar domain, or saving a domain for future use.

There are many steps to the overall development of a website that include domain registration, website hosting setup, email setup, and website design just to name a few. Once the website is initially complete, or fully developed, then the maintenance is needed for periodic updates.

A. Depending on the style of website you can redesign a website as often as every two years or usually every five years is more practical. Reasons for a redesign can be simple like a new look for branding. More complex reasons include certain coding or programming languages are no longer needed and should be replaced.

Facebook is a form of Social Media, not a substitute for owning a website. When you create/build your own website you have complete control of what you want the site to look like, how much information is available and how much you want to use it. Imagine trying to run your business through the advertisement of billboards without having your own storefront. Not that practical or easy to do. Hence the reason to get a website and use Facebook, or other Social Media, to promote it.

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